Prof. Dr. med. Aybek, Selma

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Research Group

Peer-reviewed case-reports

For an updated publication list, please check the new FND research group website at the University of Fribourg.

  1. Paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesias of epileptic origin abolished by temporal lobectomy. Aybek S, Maeder-Ingvar M, Rossetti AO, Vingerhoets F. Movement Disorders 2012. Jun;27(7):923-5 (IF:5.6)
  2. Psychogenic tetraparesis and bilateral upper limb dystonia regressive under short propofol-induced sedation and during hepatic encephalopathy. Medlin F, Aybek S, Berney A, Guedj E, Bischof Delaloye A, Prior J, Diserens K. Psychosomatics 2012. Sep-Oct, 53(5):545-8 (IF: 2.1)
  3. Rapid resolution of dopamine dysregulation syndrome after subthalamic DBS for Parkinon’s disease : a case report. Knobel D, Aybek S, Pollo C, Vingerhoets F, Berney A. Cogn Behav Neurol, 2008; 21(3):187-9 (IF :1.2)