Clinical Neuroscience Bern

About us

Clinical Neuroscience Bern is an interdisciplinary consortium of research groups from different fields. The main purpose is to connect neuroscientific researchers, promote research quality, increase the clinical impact at Bern and to facilitate junior scientists. 

A Look into the Lab - meet the CNB members

How do you get to do research? What drives researchers to do research on a particular area? And how important is teamwork to get ahead?
Listen to what our researchers have to say and find the answers:

Meet the CNB members:

Prof. Dr. Laura Marchal-Crespo

Professor for Motor Learning and Neurorehabilitation


Meet the CNB members:

Dr. med. Maxime Baud

Principal Investigator of the e-Lab

Meet the CNB members:

Raquel Adaia Sandoval Ortega

PhD Student / Neuronal Plasticity Group by Prof. Dr. Thomas Nevian