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Welcome to the inter-faculty focus "Clinical Neuroscience Bern"

Interdisciplinary collaboration is pivotal to success in clinical neuroscience research and methodology. The research focus of Clinical Neurosciences Bern aims to improve information exchanges and promote cooperation with internal and external partners.

Here you will find interesting news and events as well as informations, links to other neuroscience related events and the CNB's Newsletter.

Current Events and Informations for CNB Members

Award for Best New Investigator Poster Presentation; Congress Society of Reproductive Investigation, USA, March 2022: Amanda Brosius Lutz, Patricia Renz, Valérie Haesler, Vera Tscherrig, Shane Liddelow, Andreina Schoeberlein, Daniel Surbek with the Poster:  “Investigating reactive astrocytes as therapeutic targets in acute perinatal white matter injury”


Der Forschungspreis der Schweizerischen Hirnliga 2022 ging an die Forschungsgruppe von Antoine Adamantidis


Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Gewinner! 

News and Agenda from the CNB

Clinical Neuroscience Bern 17th CNB Annual Meeting 2022

Clinical Neuroscience Bern 18th CNB Annual Meeting 2023


Other News, Activities and Infos

MAS in Stroke Medicine

The Stroke Center at the University Hospital Bern developed the European Stroke Master programme in close collaboration with the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) to train the next generation of clinicians and researchers in stroke care throughout Europe.

The purpose of the programme is to cover the entire field of stroke medicine, ranging from basic knowledge in pathophysiology, acute management of ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke, primary and secondary prevention to neurorehabilitation. In addition, a research focus is maintained throughout all lectures, workshop and seminars, covering all aspects of basic, translational and clinical stroke research.

An international faculty of world leading stroke experts will provide lectures, seminars and workshops in close collaboration with the local faculty at the University of Bern.

Dr. Céline Reinbold

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