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Welcome to the inter-faculty focus "Clinical Neuroscience Bern"

Interdisciplinary collaboration is pivotal to success in clinical neuroscience research and methodology. The research focus of Clinical Neurosciences Bern aims to improve information exchanges and promote cooperation with internal and external partners.

Here you will find interesting news and events as well as informations, links to other neuroscience related events and the CNB's Newsletter.

Below you find the program of this year's CNB Annual Meeting. For registration to this year's meeting:

Annual Meeting: 29th October 2021 (PDF, 386KB)

News and Agenda from the CNB

Clinical Neuroscience Bern 16th CNB Annual Meeting 2021

Clinical Neuroscience Bern 17th CNB Annual Meeting 2022


Other News, Activities and Infos

Invitation for entries Research prize of the Swiss Brain League

Every two years, the Swiss Brain League awards a prize of CHF 20,000 to a Swiss research group in recognition of its outstanding scientific contribution in the field of neurological research. Both clinical and basic research projects are eligible. The prize is always awarded collectively to the group that worked on the winning initiative.
To be considered for the prize, entries must have been published or accepted for publication by an internationally recognized journal within the last two years and should principally have been written and conceived at a Swiss medical and/or scientific institution.
In addition to a scientific publication, entries submitted electronically (Word or PDF format) should include a declaration stating the intended use of the prize money, a short CV with a publication list attached and a declaration of consent signed by the authors. Entries should be submitted by email to no later than 30 September 2021.

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