Group Members

  • Board of Directors
    • Prof. Dr. med. Urs Fischer
    • Prof. Dr. med. Jan Gralla
    • Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Arnold
    • Prof. Dr. med. Claudio L. Bassetti
    • Prof. Dr. med. Simon Jung
    • PD Dr. med. Pasquale Mordasini
    • Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Raabe
    • Prof. Dr. med. Roland Wiest
    • Prof. Dr. med. Werner Z'Graggen
    • Prof. Dr. med. Maja Steinlin
  • Group leader
    • Dr. med. David Bervini
    • Dr. med. Tomas Dobrocky
    • Dr. med. Johannes Goldberg
    • Dr. med. Arsany Hakim
    • PD Dr. med. Mirjam Heldner
    • PD Dr. med. Johannes Kaesmacher
    • Dr. med. Thomas Meinel
    • Dr. med. Eike Piechowiak
    • PD Dr. med. David Julian Seiffge
    • PD Dr. med. Roza Umarova
    • Prof. Dr. med. Hakan Sarikaya
    • Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Schankin
    • Dr. med. Jan Rosner
    • Richard McKinley, PhD

Research fields

  • Stroke Imaging
  • Endovascular Stroke
  • Intracranial atheromathosis, dissection, SVT
  • Anticoagulation
  • Brain-Heart axis
  • Cognition/Recovery
  • Aneurysms/SAH
  • Vascular malformation, fistula
  • ICH
  • Pain
  • Small vessel disease
  • Thrombolysis
  • Stroke imaging analysis
  • Pediatric Stroke

Main Clinical Trials

  • ELAN


  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Prospective registries
  • Biomarkers
  • Correlation of clinical findings and imaging

Short description

The team of the Stroke Research Center Bern is dedicated to providing high quality and clinically relevant research to decipher pathophysiology, diagnosis and prognoses of cerebrovascular diseases and ultimately to inform treatment decisions, develop guidelines and improve patient outcomes.

We are a young and/or experienced, diverse and flexible team of clinicians, clinical scientists, psychologists, trial managers, medical students, biologists and biomedical engineers who work collaboratively to ensure that the various knowledge and talents in the team are combined to the best effect.

Read more about our research and who we are on our homepage.