Psychiatric Neuroimaging

Research group leader


  • Ariane Orosz, Dr. sc. ETH
  • Matthias Grieder, Dr. phil.
  • Leila Soravia, Dr. phil.
  • Thomas Müller, Prof. Dr. med.
  • Helge Horn, PD Dr. med.

Research focuses

  • Neuroimaging of Psychiatric diseases
  • Neuroimaging in basic neuroscience


  • MRI
  • TMS/tDCS
  • Neuropsychology

Short description

The Psychiatric Neuroimaging working group focuses on scientific questions related to the structure and function of the human brain of healthy subjects and of patients. Therefore, it includes studies and projects in the field of clinical- and basic neuroscience. The main goal of this working group is to develop of novel MRI-based methods that eventually contributes to increase the insights of basic mechanisms that may lead to pathologies. It is therefore a methodological working group composed of experts of different scientific disciplines like: medicine, psychology, biology, mathematics and physics. This enthusiastic young team uses all state of the art MR technologies to acquire the required information of the human brain: no matter if these are functional or structural methods. Own scripts written in R or Matlab are the tools for these novel technologies. The open-mind of all members which is reflected in national and international relationship and collaborations ascertain the spreading of all possible tools to other scientists and physicians in order to trigger and boost novel endeavors to understand neurobiological mechanisms of pathologies.