Optogenetic Laboratory

Research group leader

Research focuses

  • Optogenetics
  • Visual system / Retina
  • Gene therapy
  • Optogenetics against blindness



  • Patch -clamp
  • Electroretinography ( ERG )
  • Optical imaging
  • MEA ( multi -electrode arrays)

Molecular biology, Bioengineering, Cell biology

  • Viral engineering and virus packaging
  • Engineering of new optogenetic tools
  • Cell culture , tissue culture ( mouse and human) , Cell -based assays

Behavioral experiments

Short description

The aim of our laboratory is the implementation of optogenetics into regenerative medicine. Our group tailors optogenetic tools biotechnologically for specific therapeutic approaches. We presently focus on the development of optogenetic treatments for blindness. For this we biotechnologically engineer custom-made "next-generation" optogenetic tools, which are membrane proteins equipped with a rhodopsin-based light antenna. In order to introduce the proteins into the cells of interest we use lenti- and recombinant Adeno-associated viral shuttle vectors, the latter of which are admitted to the clinic for gene therapy. Through viral capsid modifications we aim to improve cell specific targeting and infectivity. The tools are tested in cell cultures, ex vivo mouse and human preparations and finally in the living animal.

Further information

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