Ophthalmic Technology Laboratory

Research group leader

Research focuses and Methods

  • Medical image analysis (MRI,CT,OCT,Endoscopy, Microscopy)
  • Big data processing
  • Statistical methods for image data processing
  • Applications in health sciences with a focus on ophthalmology   


Short description

The Ophthalmic Technology Laboratory is a concerned with scientific and engineering challenges in the automatic assessment, understanding and analysis of image data in medical settings. Our work focuses on a variety of medical applications and related biomedical fields, but have traditionally been focused on clinical challenges in ophthalmology.

At the heart of our work, we are interested in automatic processing and analysis of image data, be it 2D, 3D or temporal in nature. To this end, we focus on the development of new algorithmic solutions that can be combined to current practices found in clinics to yield more efficient and safer treatment solutions. Our work hence focuses greatly on the topics of computer vision and machine learning from a computer science perspective.

Further information

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