Memory, Learning & Synaesthesia

Research group leader

Research focuses

  • Episodic retrospective and prospective memory
  • Implicit learning and memory
  • Cognitive control and task switching
  • Synaesthesia


  • Behavioral Experiments
  • tDCS
  • TMS
  • EDA
  • EEG
  • fMRI

Short description

We investigate the interplay between automatic and controlled processes in different areas of human information processing. One current line of research focuses on optimizing prospective memory, the ability to form an intention, maintain it over time and execute it at the appropriate occasion. Another line focuses on the investigation of the ability to learn, without awareness, regularities in tasks, stimuli, and responses (i.e., implicit learning). A third line focuses on basic processes involved when switching between simple cognitive activities. Another research interest is on the causes and effects of synaesthesia, a condition in which ordinary stimuli (e.g. numbers) trigger extra-ordinary experiences (e.g. colours).