Clinical and experimental (animal) sleep and neurology research

Research group leader


  • Laura Facchin, Msc.
  • Armand Mensen, PhD
  • Simone Duss, PhD
  • Corina Gorban, Dr. med.
  • Doris Kuen, Dr. med.
  • Thomas Horvath, Dr. med.
  • Ulf Kallweit, Dr. med.
  • Frederic Zubler, Dr. med.
  • Markus Schmidt, Dr. med.

Research focuses

  • Diagnosis and therapy of sleep-wake disorders
  • Pathophysiology of narcolepsy, neurogenic hypersomnia and other neurological sleep disorders
  • Investigation of the pathogenesis of sleep associated breathing disorders and their influence on the prevalence and rehabilitation of stroke.
  • Role of sleep for neuroplasticity and recovery following stroke



  • MRI
  • EEG
  • hdEEG
  • NIRS
  • Molecular biological methods
  • TMS
  • Optogenetic and in vivo electrophysiology

Short description

Our research group combines clinical and basic research in order to get a better understanding of neuronal circuits that underlie sleep-wake regulation and to investigate the function of sleep during recovery from stroke and other neurological diseases. The primary objectives of some of the current projects are:

  • To evaluate whether an immediate onset of Adaptive Servo-Ventilation (ASV) treatment in stroke patients with severe Sleep Disordered Breathing has a favorable effect on infarct growth.
  • To assess the long-term outcomes after stroke in relation to the presence of sleep disorders.
  • To measure alterations in electrical brain activity as well as brain connectivity changes in stroke patients and to correlate the quality of sleep with the respective rehabilitation outcome.
  • To promote a positive effect on the motor activity previously affected by stroke through optogenetic induction of sleep oscillation in animal model.
  • To identify an autoreactive T cell response against hypocretin in human narcolepsy.