Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Research group leader


  • Alain Jungo, Msc
  • Fabian Balsiger, Msc
  • Yannick Suter, Msc
  • Michael Müller, Msc
  • Elias Rüfenacht, Msc
  • You Suhang, Msc
  • Waldo Valenzuela, PhD
  • John Anderson, PhD

Research focuses

  • Advanced imaging quantification approaches for medical imaging
  • Data-driven precision medicine
  • Scalable, Sustainable, and Safe AI in Medical Imaging


  • Multimodal image segmentation
  • Statistical models of shape and appearance
  • Radiomics
  • Scalable machine learning
  • Super-resolution-imaging techniques
  • Fast and robust human-machine interfacing

Short description

The research group develops advanced medical image analysis technologies, and related translational biomedical engineering technologies, to quantify, diagnose, and follow-up disorders from medical image information as well as related multi-omics data sources. Special focus is given to the development of scalable, sustainable and safe AI for medical imaging applications.



Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Lab, ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, Univ. Bern