Research group leader

Research focuses

  • Molecular mechanisms of neuro-infections
  • Brain tumors
  • Cancer immuno-virotherapy
  • Development of antivirals


  • Molecular and cellular technologies
  • Biophysical, virological and functional assays
  • Reverse genetics of envelope RNA viruses
  • Highly sensitive targeted bioassays amenable for automation and miniaturization
  • High throughput screenings (HTS)


Short description

Most cancer patients are treated with non-specific chemotherapies that have devastating side effects and only limited efficacy. Consequently, there is an urgent need to establish novel biological systems allowing specific targeting and delivery of weapons within the tumor microenvironment. We are currently developing a cutting-edge platform to design synthetic oncolytic RNA viruses (attenuated strain of measles and canine distemper) with integrated nanobody-delivery technologies and pharmacological control of virological functions. This approach will offer the unique opportunity to combine the high power of rationally bioengineered oncolytic viruses with the most recent immunotherapy strategies.

Further information

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