Heart Brain


  • Franziska Stalder, Dr.
  • Antonia Hogrefe, MSc
  • Stefan Kozhabashev, MSc
  • Judith Held, BSc

Research focuses

  • Investigation of cognitive-emotional interaction
  • Development of new online intervention tools for cognitive enhancement
  • Development of online emotional regulation tasks
  • Program and treatment evaluation


  • Behavioral experiments
  • Clinical measures
  • Biological markers
  • Online tools
  • Virtual reality

Short description

We aim to investigate the interaction of emotional and cognitive abilities by developing and implementing novel interventions. The interventions aim at improving cognitive flexibility and emotional regulation capacities. Most interventions are planned to be implemented as online tools for self-instructed and implicit learning. A special focus is on interindividual moderators, such as personality, situational life circumstances, and psychological or somatic disorders. In future, a prevention research project on heart-brain interaction is planned within an interdisciplinary research group.