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My current research is focused on understanding the brain dynamics that enable cognitive processing in health and disease.In specific, we use sleep as a window to understand how different brain nuclei and their specific cell types (neurons and astrocytes) modulate sleep, sleep oscillations and sleep-dependent cognitive processes in mouse models.Current research programs in my group are designed to link fundamental aspects of sleep brain oscillations with non-invasive therapeutic strategies to improve sleep disturbances and cognitive deficits in neurological (stroke) and psychiatric disorders.




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Sleep and brain plasticity

Current therapeutical interventions to improve motor or cognitive recovery after stroke range from non- selective modulation of large brain areas to global physical rehabilitation. In this context, local low- frequency, high-amplitude oscillations in the peri-infarct zone share similarities with brain plasticity-promoting sleep slow waves (SW). Whether these support functional plasticity for local recovery of cortical function remains unclear.

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  • Albert Lopez, Informatiker



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