Division of Cognitive Psychology, Perception and Research Methods

Research group leader

Research focuses

  • Visual Perception
  • Mental Imagery
  • Emotion
  • Multisensory Integration


  • Behavioral research
  • Eye Tracking
  • Virtual Reality
  • Motion Devices
  • fMRI

Short description

Our current research focuses on visual perception, mental imagery, multisensory integration and immersion in virtual realities. We are particularly interested in the interface between cognitive processes and elementary processes of perception. Our research shows how higher-level cognitive processes involve early perceptual processes. We apply modern statistical methods and computer simulations and our laboratory infrastructure includes devices for eye tracking, a three-dimensional motion simulator (MOOG) and a virtual reality lab. Our research is regularly supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation and we participate in several international collaborations. We also conduct application-oriented research in traffic psychology, diagnostics (medical) and innovative learning research.

Further information

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