Cognitive Developmental Psychology


  • Eva Äschlimann
  • Venera Gashaj
  • Nicole Oberer
  • Niamh Oeri
  • Claudia Roebers
  • Mariëtte van Loon

Research focuses

  • Children`s cognitive development with a strong emphasis on Learning and Remembering
  • Metacognition
  • Self-regulation (Working memory, Inhibition, Shifting)
  • Motor Development
  • Mathematical Achievement


  • Near Infra Red Spectoscopy (NIRS)
  • Eye-tracking
  • Cortisol measurement
  • A large Variety of Behavioral Measures

Short description

For one, this group of researchers aims at investigating cross-sectionally, experimentally, and longitudinally the typical development and developmental sequences of so-called higher-order cognitive abilities. Our emphasis is laid thereby on procedural (i.e. online) metacognitive monitoring and control skills and different aspects of cognitive control (or executive functioning). At the same time, we strive to identify driving forces for developmental improvements in these domains by experimentally manipulating tasks and by applying batteries of tasks from other domains and relate them to each other.