Division of Veterinary Anaesthesiology and Pain Therapy


  • Shannon Axiak-Flammer
  • Daniela Casoni
  • Sabina Diez
  • Annalisa Giovannini
  • Olivier Levionnois
  • Alessandro Mirra
  • Mathieu Raillard
  • Helene Rohrbach

Research focuses

  • Quantitative assessment of nociception
  • Pain behavior in animals
  • Systemic perioperative pain treatment
  • Loco-regional analgesia


  • Nociceptive Withdrawal Reflex model
  • Quantitative Sensory Testing
  • Quantitative Gait Analysis
  • PK/PD modelling
  • Behaviour

Short description

Our main research interest is pain in animals. We aim at developing objective, valid and reliable tools to evaluate species-specific nociceptive physio-pathological processes and pain behaviour and at refining procedures and techniques to improve pain treatment in domestic and laboratory animals. Our major areas of interest are

  1. neurophysiological characterization of acute and persistent pain to provide evidence in the context of animal welfare; 
  2. optimization of methods to recognize and treat clinical veterinary pain;
  3. development of loco-regional analgesia techniques to be applied in clinical and experimental settings.