Clinical Neuroscience Bern

16th CNB Annual Meeting

Pandemic and Health - Friday, 29th of October 2021



Save the Date:

The next Annual Meeting will take place on the of September 2022

Winner of Poster Awards 2021:

  • Jakub Králik et al. (Category: Basic research animal)
    Title: "ON-bipolarcelltargetedoptogeneticgene therapy in light of retinal degeneration: Functional evaluation using multi-electrode arrays"
  • Mirjam Studler, Lorena Gianotti et al. (Category: Basic research human)
    Title: “Local slow wave activity in regular sleep reveals individual risk preferences"
  • Nicole Gangl et al. (Category: Clinical Research)
    Title:  “Volume reductions in the limbic network in patients with paranoia”